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Food | Fitness | Faith
Fort Chiswell Mansion - Max Meadows, VA
Chris Disibbio
Founder and Owner
Key Ingredients for Life
Why I Believe It's Time for a Change in the Way We Live.

I was born and have spent the majority of my life in southern West Virginia. West Virginia is amongst the top states in the nation when it applies to poor health and dietary decisions. 

My involvement in this region has given me the opportunity to experience first-hand what effects living in an area such as this have on a person. I believe living in an depressed region results in the depression of the residents. This depression, in turn, can amount to poor decisions with regard to life choices and eating habits.

People are a product of their environment. All living organisms are a result of the space they occupy. I am constantly reminded of the saying "you are what you eat". This applies not only to the obvious food chain but also to fitness and faith. These beliefs are the foundations for Key Ingredients for Life.

I realize poor health and depression have a spiraling effect that can fill your life with discontent and unhappiness. Bear in mind, there is no way of knowing how many days we will physically live here on earth, but having to spend even one day depressed and unhealthy should encourage effort to change our days to healthy, happy ones. For those people that have the desire to improve their lives, the opportunity and ability to acquire and integrate the necessary food, fitness and faith into their daily lives should, and can, exist.

Key Ingredients For Life defines nutrient dense food, fitness, and faith according to my personal experiences, research and, most importantly, in vivo (within the living). The passion and determination I have to succeed in accomplishing the "Seed to Soul" mission of nourishing lives with food, fitness and faith comes from a desire to improve my own life by sharing with others ways they can improve theirs. I believe success of our physical lives depends greatly on how many healthy, happy days we can achieve.

Sharing my personal challenges, along with the ways I overcome them to achieve success with others, is a great feeling - from school children to adults of all ages and backgrounds there is a tremendous need for exposure to proven ways to empower your health decisions.

Education that teaches us how to distinguish facts from fiction are imperative. In the vast world of competing to be the next magic pill or 3-easy-payment plan that changes your life and never quite meets all your expectations, one must realize there is a for-profit motive for most of these products. Providing a nourishing value to you - the consumer - may not be top priority to these companies and corporations.

To find out more about my mission for Food, Fitness and Faith, click here.

You can experience food grown on-site and prepared according to our Integrative Food Standards at The Fort Chiswell Mansion in Max Meadows, VA.
The Mansion at Fort Chiswell